These are the best boots I have ever bought and the only company I will be buying from in future, you will not be disappointed and the customer service is impeccable. thank you for the fast and efficient delivery


Steel Blue Southern Cross Zip

Southern Cross Zip

Steel Blue Boots

The Southern Cross Zip S3 is a 150mm Ankle Boot with a scalloped, padded collar for ease of movement. Made from premium Water Resistant leather, this safety boot features a 200J Steel Toe Cap and industrial grade zipper so you can tie your laces for the perfect fit and use the zipper for easy for on and off.

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Elwood Workwear Elwood Workwear

Now available

Elwood workwear

Elwood Workwear is a leading workwear brand in Australia and New Zealand which have exclusively given BIG Boots UK rights to trial some lines to receive some feedback on their products for the UK market. This modern fitting, highly durable workwear with stretch technology, will leave you wearing your work clothes from site to sesh. With limited sizes and stock, you're best to get in quick!

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Steel Blue Work Boots

Over £100 for a pair of work boots?

Steel Blue Boots, are they worth it? How many brands offer a warranty and comfort guarantee where if you don't like the boots after 30 days you can just send them back? There's a bang for your buck if I've ever heard one. Steel Blue are such a strong believer in their product as well, that if anything goes wrong with the boots that isn't caused by the customer, they'll replace the boots within the first 6 months. 
Steel Blue Boots cleaning tips

It Pays To Keep Your Boots In Tip Top Condition

To ensure your Steel Blue boots stay in premium condition, it’s simple really… keep them clean, wash and thoroughly dry your feet, and change your socks daily. Your nose will appreciate it.
Steel Blue Parkes Vs Southern Cross

Parkes Vs Southern Cross

Whilst the Southern Cross Zip Scuff S3 style provides a whopping 150mm of ankle support, the Parkes Zip Scuff S3 offers 95mm. This is because the Parkes boot is a 'hiker style' lace-up mid-cut boot with padded collar and tongue, plus quick-release zip and scuff cap - allowing for more ankle movement, making the Parkes perfect for long-distance drivers.
Steel Blue Boots

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