Steel Blue Boots cleaning tips

It Pays To Keep Your Boots In Tip Top Condition

Ryan Sneddon ·
Now that you’ve joined the hard working Big Boots community, we thought it might be helpful to share our top tips for maintaining your Steel Blue safety boots. After all, the reason our customers choose Steel Blue is for the superior quality and fit, whether your boots take the load every day at work or await your next DIY project… we’ve got you covered.
How should I store my boots?
When you are not wearing your Steel Blue boots, the manufacturer recommends storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. We’ve gone for the classic shoe rack in the kitchen – keeping them accessible yet out of the way (to avoid the wife tripping over my size 11’s).
On a serious note, the reason for this is that if you store your Steel Blue boots in dark or humid conditions for long periods of time, the sole compound can deteriorate – a process known as hydrolysis. That’s why we recommend wearing your work boots regularly, even if just for a dog walk.
How do I look after my boots?
To ensure your Steel Blue boots stay in premium condition, it’s simple really… keep them clean, wash and thoroughly dry your feet, and change your socks daily. Your nose will appreciate it.
Steel Blue’s Boot Care section on their website advises that the premium leather has been specifically selected to match your boot’s style, adding that to further protect the leather you can:
  • Clean any dirt, mud or contaminates from your boots after use with a soft brush or damp cloth – do not clean your boots with solvents
  • Remember not to over wet or force dry your work boots (e.g. by using a heater or hair dryer)
  • Use a Dubbin, Renovating Polish or a Leather Waterproofing Agent before you wear them
We say, keep them (and you) in tip-top condition by taking your boots for a walk twice a month, especially if they’re stored away for extended periods of time.
How should I dry my work boots?
Now I’ve been living in the UK for a few years, I understand that more often than not… your boots are going to get wet!
Therefore, to dry your wet work boots:
  • Remove any excess water with a dry cloth
  • Remove the Ortho Rebound® Footbed (inside your boot)
  • Stuff your boots with newspaper (an oldie, but a goody)
  • Place your work boots in a warm, well ventilated position that’s away from direct sun or radiated heat – it’s important not to force dry your boots as we said before!
Thanks to @elliott.ehscapes for sharing the conditions his boots have faced this winter! To share your photos and be featured on our channels, follow our Instagram @big_bootsuk and Facebook @BigBootsUK
How can I prolong the life of my zip sided boots?
We know it’s common sense, but please… never force your zip. It should always move freely up and down. If you do encounter resistance when zipping, gently slide backwards and re-zip making sure the teeth line up properly and always ensure your zip is all the way down before taking off or putting on your boot.
If you do find yourself with a few minutes on your hands, now and again, clean the zip to make sure it’s free from dirt and grit. We recommend using a wet, soft bristled brush but do not use a solvent.
Cheers all and stay safe,
Ryan and Emma