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Parkes Vs Southern Cross

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With different styles of Steel Blue safety boot to choose from, it can be confusing when deciding on which is the best for your feet, your budget, and the work that you do. That is why today, we thought it might help to answer the question...

What is the difference between

the Steel Blue Parkes Vs Southern Cross?

Both hugely popular with tradies worldwide, both styles offer the same anti-static, water-resistant, and penetration resistant protection. However, there is one major difference that may help you choose between them:

The Ankle Height

Whilst the Southern Cross Zip Scuff S3 style provides a whopping 150mm of ankle support, the Parkes Zip Scuff S3 offers 95mm. This is because the Parkes boot is a 'hiker style' lace-up mid-cut boot with padded collar and tongue, plus quick-release zip and scuff cap - allowing for more ankle movement, making the Parkes perfect for long-distance drivers.

Whilst the Southern Cross retail at £103.99 RRP in the UK, the Parkes come in at £98.99 RRP.

Take a look at the video below to see the styles side-by-side.

For more information about the spec of each boot, including the certified safety standards, sole resistance scores and features, take a look at the product specs below.

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