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Humble Beginnings

As you throw away your second pair of safety boots in a year, have you ever thought, “there must better out there?” Well, that's the reason we started Big Boots UK.

This won't be another blog telling you about my life and my opinion on Brexit or Donald Trump… Instead this will be some honest writing about the workwear industry in the UK, relevant to what we're doing here with Big Boots UK. You'll also hear about how we started Big Boots as we share our story, including the lessons we've learned along the way.

At the end of the day, the main reason for starting this business was to help look after my family. Honestly though? I'm absolutely loving it so far and the excitement from each and every sale is akin to the Aussies winning the ashes! As an Aussie living in the UK (I married a British lady who is much more attractive than I am, hence why we moved back to the UK), you're going to get an outsiders point of view and read about some of the trends from down under - that I believe are about 5-10 years ahead of the UK with workwear.

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Getting Started.

It's just me, my wife and our Chocolate Labrador at home with a room full of Steel Blue Boots. Our aim is to make Big Boots UK a business that can grow year on year. My wife is in Marketing and I’m in Sales professionally, which I think makes us a pretty formidable team. I love working with her - she pushes me to be the best I can be.

At Big Boots UK we specialise in Steel Blue safety boots... at the moment. Originally from Melbourne, I've had my Steel Blue boots (a great Aussie brand) for 4 years now. I wear them on dog walks, on-site, and doing DIY, and I've never felt more comfortable in a pair of boots. Why not recommend something you know is quality?

At the time of writing this, we've sold around 35 pairs of boots since our inception and have not had one return – so far so good! I'm a big believer in "buy cheap, buy twice", and this is not the case with Steel Blue boots. They may be more expensive than your standard UK options, however I believe they will last a lot longer. My personal opinion? Invest in quality - better for your feet, better for the planet and better for your wallet long term.

Whilst we’d love to look ahead to the future, we like so many others have to remain focused on the here and now, as we recognise that these are especially challenging times for a lot of self-employed tradies and small business owners. However our plan is, as we grow, to use any profits we make to re-invest into the business. We will then start to introduce other quality boot brands and workwear brands to our website to provide greater value to our customers.

Introducing Steel Blue.

Steel Blue have entered the UK with a bang! They do barely any online marketing, apart from their Facebook page and yet are becoming a household name amongst workmen and women. Their Southern Cross Zip Sided Boots in Sand (for men in particular) have become incredibly popular with British and Irish tradies alike, and the name has spread via word of mouth and thanks to some popular tradies on Instagram like PB Plumber. I too find that the Southern Cross Zip boots are my most popular boot. I actually sold out of these for 2 months as Steel Blue could not get them in quick enough for the European market and the UK! This has now been sorted, and we restock on a regular basis.

The reason we choose to sell Steel Blue is because their boots are comfortable, tough and S3 rated. That’s important to me (and should be to you) as it means that their boots have a 200 joules toe cap, a fully enclosed heel and a penetration resistant midsole - reducing your risk of accident and keeping you on your feet. Thanks to a series of clever innovations, such as their Trisole® Comfort Technology and Ortho Rebound® Footbed, Steel Blue have become Australia’s leading supplier of work boots, offering premium safety, durability and their 100% Comfort Guarantee.

Our Next Steps.

As Big Boots is discovered by more hard working people, it’s important that our customers and supporters come with us on the journey, as we couldn’t operate without them. We already have an account down in London who is an absolute legend. He's such a fan of Steel Blue, I thought he was Australian for sure! These are people that I'm going to take out for dinner first when the business is profitable and Covid is no longer ruling our existence.

I'm the most loyal and customer centric person you will meet, and I can assure you I will do everything in my power to help Big Boots UK grow and I can't wait for you to be part of our journey.

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